We do things differently

Many of our landlords have large rental property portfolios. These require careful management in order to sustain their occupancy levels and keep them maintained to the required standards. Other landlords have only a few properties or may even be new to letting, with a rental investment that was once their home.

Whatever scale you operate at, you’ll know that managing properties can be stressful and worrisome. Why put yourself through the hassle? With Property Link on your side, you can be confident that we’ll do work the hard of finding reliable tenants who will look after your property just as you would wish.

Choose your level

We offer landlords a choice between our all singing, all dancing ‘Full Management’ service or the ‘Let Only’ package, where we’ll find the tenant you need. Whichever level of service you select, we’ll deliver it in full (and usually a bit more too) with Platinum standard service that includes exemplary communications, updates and advice.

Our support team

Work such as checking tenant references, bank statements, passports and credit ratings is done by our experienced in-house team. And the job of giving your property the highest standard of maintenance throughout the life of each tenancy, is delivered by some of the best painters, joiners, electricians and cleaners in Northern Ireland. In fact, when they’re not helping our landlords, they’re usually working for NI’s leading PLCs.

Our property network extends across Belfast so you might be interested to browse through some of the flats and houses we have recently let.

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The student dilemma

With two world-class universities, Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University, within its core central area, students form a vital part of Belfast’s rental market. Yet landlords often as us, “Why should I let to students?”

We believe there are three excellent reasons why letting to students can often be more profitable than traditional lets:

  • Demand and competition in student areas is strong and consistent
  • Students will usually look to rent for a minimum of 12 months, meaning less stress for you finding new tenants
  • Student lets tend to offer particularly high yields

On the downside, most students will expect properties to be fully furnished and properties tend to suffer more wear and tear from student lets. This means that you may have to spend more on maintenance than with a traditional let.

And remember, we’re the experts when it comes to matters relating to HMO legislation and Planning Control. So we can help to ensure you’re fully compliant with all legal requirements and safety standards.


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